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We need YOU!

You’ve been waiting, wanting, looking for a way to make a difference, this is it.

The 3 Petitions are:

Voter ID -
requires showing a photo ID to vote, something you do at the caucus, BUT not when you vote in November.

Pupil Privacy Information Protection -
Requires a parents permission before data collected on kids during computer testing is released by the school. This is currently being done every day in Nevada.

Health Care Freedom Protection Act -
Would prohibit in the Nevada Constitution the Obamacare Exchange that has failed and been turned over to the federal system, EXCEPT we are still paying for it.

The time is now, the entire nation is watching Nevada. If we can achieve our goal, the leaders of our country will hear Our Voice. That is exactly what we need right now, it is what we have all been waiting for, begging for. This is your chance.

We need you. Watching is always interesting, being a part of history is even better. Join us as we lead the way, we get one chance at this moment, we want you to have it too. If you’d like to help us accomplish this goal, you can make a contribution of $20 for printing, voter outreach, and the great people who will be on the front line of this effort. We can do this, we just need you.

Our Voice PAC Petitions in Nevada:

IMPORTANT READ ME: Instructions for collecting signatures on Initiative Petitions

Voter ID Initiative

Pupil Privacy Information Protection Inititative

Healthcare Freedom Protection Initiative